Panel Discussion

Cultural Traditions vs Best GR Practices: How to Avoid Conflicts and Advance Interests?

March 18, 2021 11:00 AM CET REGISTER

Apart from quite a common lack of official recognition of lobbying, international companies entering the region also have to confront the unpredictability of the policy environment. It is inevitable — the risk that jeopardizes every single company coming into emerging markets. There is nothing to be done about it. Like it or not, they must accept and factor it into their plans. The environment is challenging, and it takes quite a lot of expertise to navigate the system.

The odds are high that you encounter ethical issues varying country by country: lobbying acts may represent a traditional way of doing business in one country, and vice versa in others. While virtually all global companies follow strict anti-corruption policies, local competitors might try to avail themselves of the opportunity to gain advantages in the competition by resorting to dubious practices. During the panel, the speakers will discuss:

Rafal Stepnowski Director of Government Affairs at Boeing
Milly Doolan Managing Director at EuroNavigator, Head of Public Policy at Croatian Artificial Intelligence Association (CroAI)
Yuriy Sak Partner, Director of Special Projects at CFC Big Ideas
Weronika Kuna Government Affairs Lead at Microsoft Poland