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Mar, 18 11:00 AM CET
Visionary Stage
Panel Discussion

Cultural Traditions vs Best GR Practices: How to Avoid Conflicts and Advance Interests?

  • What to do if local competitors use questionable tactics and circumvent national law
  • How to succeed while maintaining the highest ethical standards
  • How to make sure that local teams of global players are not hiddenly playing “dirty” games

Rafal Stepnowski Director of Government Affairs at Boeing
Milly Doolan Managing Director at EuroNavigator, Head of Public Policy at Croatian Artificial Intelligence Association (CroAI)
Yuriy Sak Partner, Director of Special Projects at CFC Big Ideas
Weronika Kuna Government Affairs Lead at Microsoft Poland
Mar, 18 3:00 PM CET
Visionary Stage

The Art of GR. Building Effective Business-Government Relations

In this interview with Nadiya Bilous, Director of GR at BAT Ukraine, we will touch upon:

  • The challenges that GR teams at tobacco companies face;
  • Increasing restrictions on business that companies in this sector have to deal with;
  • Coalition-building, advocacy and other GR tools professionals are using to advance corporate interests;
  • Challenges facing regional GR team management under COVID-19.

Nadiya Bilous Head of Legal and External Affairs; Board member at British American Tobacco Ukraine