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Mar, 18 2:30 PM CET
Visionary Stage

From Publicity to Stakeholder Capitalism: Art of Persuasion and Science of Advancing Interests

In the conversation, our host Andreea Plesa will touch upon:

  • The ABCs of government relations: Mapping stakeholders, understanding their needs and agendas, finding common ground;
  • The growing role of social media influencers on government decision-making;
  • The increasing importance of policy teams within corporations;
  • The basics of planning and implementing a GR strategy: GR team responsibilities and the correct allocation of resources.

Andreea Plesa Government Affairs Director at Novo Nordisk
Mar, 19 3:30 PM CET
Visionary Stage
Panel Discussion

Coalition Building, Third Party Endorsements and Think Tanks

  • How to assess the landscape, build up and foster partnerships and then end up winning coalitions under new conditions
  • How stakeholder resources (e.g., money, political, and community connections) shape the composition of coalitions and affect formal and informal relationships within
  • What makes third-party endorsements succeed or fail
  • How to manage escalating conflicts that arise amid coalition governance and handle them without undermining its foundations
Angeliki Eleftheriou Corporate Affairs and Public Relations Senior Manager at WIND Hellas
Samet Serttas Government Affairs Director Turkey and South East Europe at Herbalife Nutrition
Vasyl Myroshnychenko Partner at CFC Big Ideas
Jakub Szymik Director, Campaigns at CEC Group